• Robust zinc alloy charge case
  • Customise sound settings with the Mixx Control App
  • Stem in-ear design
  • Touch sensor controls - play, pause and more
  • Digital Display screen showing battery
  • Hands free calling
  • 6 hours battery time on single charge
  • 24 hours total play time with charge case
  • 15 Minute quick charge - 15 mins = 2hours of play time
  • Silicone ear cushions (small, medium and large)

Enjoy enhanced audio clarity and convenience with the MIXX STREAMBUDS ULTRA MINI TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS. The robust zinc alloy charge case and silicone ear cushions (small, medium, and large) provide ultimate comfort and stability, while the digital display screen ensures you always know how much power you have left. Touch sensor controls and hands-free calling make them a breeze to use, and the Mixx Control App lets you customise sound settings for an even more personalised experience. With six hours of battery life on a single charge and 24 hours of total play time with the charge case, you have hours of entertainment with a simple 15-minute quick charge to top you back up.

Robust Zinc Alloey Charge Case

Pair with the mixx control app

24 Hours Total Battery

digital display case

Personalise your sound

You can now completely change the sound of your earbuds to exactly how you want it. The Mixx Control APP lets you tune the earphones with a simple 10 band graphic equalizer and once you got your sound how you like it the earbuds will be programed instantly with you personal sound signature – The great thing is you only need to do this once so you don’t need the APP again on or even configure the sound again, unless you want to

Clear Voice Technology – 4 Mics

4 specifically tuned microphones are arranged to reduce external sound and focus on your voice when taking hands free calls, so that the other person can hear you clearly - perfect to take call in busy or noisy situations.

Locate my earphones

If you can’t remember where you left your earphones, The Mixx Control APP has a location function that shows you on a map where they were last connected to your phone

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